We know that a job search can be incredibly frustrating. You invest countless hours applying to different jobs on the internet and when you finally find a job advertisement that seems interesting you get disregarded in the beginning stages of the recruitment process.

The continuing trend of higher percent of people being unemployed combined with the new trend of quickly change job has made it hard for those of us that are trying to find a new job.

Employers require a lot from jobseekers. One of the requirements for job applicants in Sweden is a curriculum vitae as well as a personal letter. A professional curriculum vitae with an individual design will help you in the beginning stages of the recruitment process by making your application stand out in comparison with the competition. This greatly increase your chances of being called in for a interview with the company.

Talentfind.se is an authentic family run company and our hope is that this will shine through to you during the entire process of creating your job application!

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